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Monday, September 13, 2010

Neepawa Lily Festival 2010

Neepawa claims herself as the world capital of lily. From wiki - Neepawa is a town in Manitoba, Canada located on the Yellowhead Highway at the intersection with Highway 5. As of 2006 its population was 3,298. Neepawa was incorporated as a town in 1883. It is located in the Rural Municipality of Langford and bordered to the north by the Rural Municipality of Rosedale. Neepawa is the self-proclaimed Lily capital of the world in part because of its Lily Festival. The town has also been named Manitoba's Most Beautiful Town more than any other community in the province.

Riding Mountain National Park July 2010

Riding Mountain National Park is a national park in Manitoba, Canada. The park sits atop the highest part of the Manitoba Escarpment. Consisting of a protected area 2,969 km2 (1,146 sq mi),[1] the forested parkland stands in sharp contrast to the surrounding prairie farmland. The park is home to wolves, moose, elk, black bears, hundreds of bird species, countless insects and a captive bison herd. The park was first protected in 1929 and had much of its public infrastructure created during the 1930s by labourers participating in Canada's great depression relief programs. Much of this early construction survives to this day. During World War II it was home to a Prisoner of War camp which has since been dismantled. In 1986, Riding Mountain was designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.
Canada Govt. Website for Riding Mountain National Park

Grand Beach on June 2010

Grand Beach Provincial Park (Manitoba Govt. Website)

Manitoba Highland Gathering at Selkirk

Summer 2010 in Winnipeg

World's Largest Snake Den at Narcisse

"Manitoba's red-sided garter snake dens are world famous for being the largest concentration of snakes in the world. During the spring mating and the fall pre-denning periods in excess of 50,000~100,000 snakes congregate at the dens." - from web. We visited near the end of the season and the weather was not sunny and warm. So the number of snake was not very large compared to peak density. visit the following links for more info:

Government of Manitoba Website on Narcisse Snake den

Narcisse Snake den update, photo and video

Gimli and Winnipeg Beach, May 2010

Gimli is a town and municipality located in the Interlake region of south-central Manitoba, Canada. It is located on the western shore of Lake Winnipeg, about 75 kilometres north of the provincial capital Winnipeg. Its population in the 2006 Canada census was 5,797. The town and surrounding districts were once an Icelandic ethnic block settlement, and the area, known as New Iceland, is home to the largest concentration of people of Icelandic ancestry outside Iceland.
Winnipeg Beach Website

Pinawa and West Hawk Lake

From Wiki Pinawa is a small Canadian community of about 1500 residents located in southeastern Manitoba, 110 kilometres north-east of Winnipeg. The town is situated on the Canadian Shield within the western boundary of Whiteshell Provincial Park, which lies near the Manitoba-Ontario provincial boundary.

West Hawk Lake is located in the Whiteshell Provincial Park in southeastern Manitoba, Western Canada. The central portion of the lake is formed by the West Hawk crater, caused by a meteor impact into an ancient rock bed composed of mostly granite. Granite cliffs surround parts of the lake. This area is also known as part of the Canadian Shield that was formed billions of years ago....With 115 m / 360 ft, it is the deepest lake in Manitoba
Manitoba Govt Website about Pinawa Provincial Park

Earth day in Fort Whyte Alive

Fort Whyte Alive is a 640 acre nature centre inside the city with 30-head Bison Prairie herd, lakes, trails, marsh and many facilities. Nice place to get familiar with the nature specially for the kids. Earth day was celebrated here with many activities and events. Location: Winnipeg

Oak Hammock Marsh

"Oak Hammock Marsh is listed as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention, and is also a globally significant Important Bird Area."... from Wiki